"Great things are made by the confused."

Ms. T, Co-founder & Lost

Through the veil of our dreams, see the world anew.



Once Upon a Time

"Summer 2017, somewhere in Japan, a ridiculously small, derelict rental car is laboring on a single-track winding countryside road. Aboard the car, squeezed in front by two massive backpacks, two minds are deep in discussion about the future.

They are talking about "Immersive Experiences" and "Interactive Storytelling". How new emerging technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality can be used to merge digital worlds with the real one. How we can create new types of experience, not only immersive but also focused on people telling their own stories.

The road went on and on and so did the conversation. We didn’t know it yet, but at that moment, Two Cents Interactive was born."

- Mr. B


The Perfect Recipe

"We're all crazy here. We are both sane and insane. We keep each other in check while also pushing each other to the brim. Logic doesn't always work here. But somehow that's part of the perfect recipe to create the craziest, most awesomest, projects.

The chaotic randomness of humans. The beauty when you see people from all sort of stages in their life having pure simple fun."
-Ms. T

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"Big Dreams require Big Money," once said a slightly misguided but occasionally illuminated relation of ours; He was probably right, but I would add " Small amounts help as well".

-Mr. B

There's so much we want to do:

1. Make every single moment of our experiences magical,
2. Assemble a community of like-minded people,
3. Research Technology in order to provide magical experiences (see number 1),
4. Create a team to push the limit of reality.

All of this requires time and yes, money. Every little bit helps. Besides our deepest gratitude, you will also be able to get a privileged sneak peak in the mad-house we call our studio.