About Two Cents Interactive


We believe the future of entertainment is in “Mixed Reality”: a mix between real-life social entertainment and high-technology. We want to create a new generation of entertainment bringing the magic of what’s possible in a digital tool and bring it into the world around us.


The experience is the sum of all the parts, where all the expertise meets up, all the decisions made come together to create unique, life-changing, ever-lasting impressions on our lives.


Games don’t have the realization power of a movie or the intricacies of storytelling of a book. The strength of our stories is that they are personal. We are not telling the story, we are giving the context for the players to tell their own stories.


New technology unlocks the possibility of new experiences. Today we are very excited to see augmented reality reaching the consumer market. For us, it is the key we have been waiting for to achieving our vision.

Behind Two Cents Interactive

Sebastien Berton, Jack of Wands

“I’ve always been devoured by an insatiable curiosity and a thirst for stories. For the first one, it drives me to always question how things are done, to challenge the status quo. It made me travel far and beyond, live and work in different cultures. In my work, I always naturally ended up working on the most innovative projects. Learning the hard way the cost but also the great rewards of trying new things. As for stories, I believe they are the fabric of our mind. Stories are how we see the world, how we communicate our emotions, transmit our knowledge and develop our relationships with the people around us.

I always believed that games have a potential to tell new types of stories, more personal, more self-guided that allow not only writers and speakers but everybody else to be part, create and share great stories about themselves, the people and the things they care about. It might not be obvious yet if you are looking at the landscape of games today but I think Augmented Reality is the technology that is going to bring Interactive Stories to their full potential."

Jane Tan, Keeper of the Gate

“Creating rich, believable environments goes hand in hand with an immersive experience. After working in the video game industry for six years, I’ve found that my passion for environmental storytelling goes beyond what you can experience on the screen. The urge to explore deeper and more intuitive ways of fully immersing someone into an experience has brought me to co-create Two Cents. .